Best PC Gaming Controllers

In the world of PC gaming, the controller is what will make the game fun or miserable. If you find yourself getting frustrated with your current controller or if you are new to the gaming world, check out the top controllers for the best gaming experience.

1. Xbox Elite

The Xbox elite controller is a high class piece of equipment with a decent price compared to other “luxury” controllers. All of the triggers and buttons have a nice feel and are easy to maneuver around. The controller is a solid black color but it is simple enough for even a new gamer to customize. Although it is a bit on the heavy side, the controller is well put together and built to last. Think of it as an investment just like a good computer, you will not need to replace this controller for years unless you desire too. There are quite a few software products on the market to adjust the controller’s settings even more in depth than most others.

2. Steam Controller

Though this controller still has some minor bugs to work out, it is the first controller made to support games that are not controller compatible. This control is designed to replace the keyboard in PC games that only allow for keyboard play. It is somewhat awkward in shape but once you get the feeling of the controller, it is easy to use. It features a circular touch pad in place of a mouse along with the triggers and buttons found on typically gaming controllers. The buttons are smaller to make up for the touch pad so it may not be ideal for those with bigger hands.

3. Xbox 360 Controller

This is the perfect controller for those on a budget or for someone who only wants a basic PC gaming controller. These can be found for $10-$20 online for used at stores like GameStop, yet they will last years. Both the wired and wireless controller versions are excellent choices, the wired one is typically the cheapest. The layout is traditional and comfortable to use for long gaming sessions. Nearly every PC game that supports controller play, supports the Xbox 360 controller with no extra software needed. This is the best choice for someone who is still learning as the games are Xbox controller friendly, usually using Xbox controller instructions as game prompts.

4. Madcat L.Y.N.X. 9

If you can get past the price tag, this PC controller is one of the coolest and top of the line. Not only can this connect to PCs, it can also work for games on tablets and smartphones. The controller can be folded into a compact shape for easy storing and features a fold out QWERY keyboard for easy chatting within games. All of the controls are customizable with the software that comes with it. The L.Y.N.X 9 comes with a built in microphone so there is no need for a gaming headset unless you want privacy. The controller looks slick but it is not known for its durability.

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